• sofa and corner unit mechanisms
  • bed frames and mechanisms
  • armchair mechanisms
  • headrest and armrest mechanisms
  • backrest mechanisms
  • table mechanisms
  • chair frames
  • furniture feet and bases
  • furniture construction elements
  • swivel bases
  • lifters and sliders
  • handles and knobs
  • stands and hangers
  • other furniture accessories


We apply both barrel and rack plating methods to handle parts from washers and small, stamped parts, to long, large, bulky and heavy fabricated or formed parts.

We offer comprehensive finishing processes including non-hexavalent (trivalent) passivates and non-chromium passivates.

We perform the following services:

  • decorative chrome (Cr 3+) plating
  • nickel, tin and copper, plating in fully automatic line
  • aluminium anodizing (clear or clour)
  • weak acid zinc electroplating
  • research of corrosion resistance
  • additional protection of electrolytic coatings
  • laboratory research and analysis
  • powered painting according to RAL System
  • other services

Material cutting limits:

  • mild steel up to 20mm
  • stainless steel up to 12mm
  • aluminium up to 10mm
  • brass up to 5mm
  • bronze up to 3mm
  • copper up to 3mm

Laser machine is able to handle sheet sizes up to 3m by 1.5m.

We operate brake press of 125 tonnes pressure, which enables to bend/fold elements of 3000 mm length.

The CNC controller allows us to calculate the undeveloped flat shape size before we commit to cutting parts, to ensure that set up and test folds are kept to a minimum.

We operate fully automated CNC tube bending machinery, offering tight radius bends with greater accuracy for your tube and pipe bending.


  • maximum pipe diameter: 32mm x 2,5 mm
  • maximum tube diameter: 30mm x 30mm x 2mm

Grinding, Sanding, Polishing, Deburring, Beveling

Pipe, Tube, Angle, Bar, Rod, I-Beam, U-Channel Metal Polishing & Buffing services:

  • dimension:  10 to  80mm
  • maximum length: 3m

Mirror, Satin, Bright and Matt finish:

  • width: 1100mm
  • thickness: 0,5– 160mm

Decorative surface brushing
Finer abrasives between 180 and 320 grit

Turning numerically controlled machine tools.


  • maximum diameter: 600mm
  • maximum length: 1000mm

Milling on numerically controlled and conventional machines.

CNC milling in range of:

  • 850x700x650 – 4 axis machines
  • 3050x1900x1550 – 3 axis machines

Our company is able to weld a grade variety of stainless, black steel and aluminium materials by the MIG, MAG and TIG methods due to a combination of the latest welding technology and experienced welders.